Green Smoke Accessories Review

When ordering through Green Smoke, this Green Smoke accessories review will help you select the right accessories for you, and those that will help enhance the e cig smoking experience for you. Depending on the kit you initially order, you may or may not have to order additional accessories through the site; these are a few of the options that are available to you when ordering.

green smoke accessories


Green Smoke has some of the longest lasting battery options that are available in the e cig market. A 3 battery super pack gives you long lasting e cig smoking, in a simple to use case. With designer batteries, you can select a fun style or print, and still experience the long lasting vaping experience with Green Smoke. The USB cig is ideal when you only want to smoke at home or in the car; with the USB charger, you can vape when you are plugged in to the USB outlet. The long lasting, short and long rechargeable battery is also available to consumers on the site.


In order to refill the battery, there are several chargers that are available to consider as well. A high powered car adapter, super USB drive charger, and high powered wall adapter are a few of the options available to order.

The wall adapter and USB home charger are also available for quick charges, or if you only have a few minutes before stepping out. Whether you want a full charge, or just a quick charge, these adapters will allow you to recharge your battery at home, on the go, and nearly anywhere you take your e cigs with you.

The cases

Leather cases, basic cases, and sparkle cases are available to consumers. IF you want a product that will last, the leather case is the perfect solution when you are ready to order; for those who want something lower in price, the basic case is a great option to consider.

And, if you enjoy the custom style and unique designs, you can order a sparkle case that is going to have a custom design or creation, and is going to be able to hold the e cigs, batteries, and the cartomizers that you bring along with you, when you want to experience vaping anywhere you go.

These accessories not only allow you to enjoy the vaping experience anywhere, they are also going to help enhance the experience of smoking e cigs on the go. With the best battery, you do not have to continually worry about it dying or having to charge on the go.

With quick charger options, you can charge for a few minutes, in order to get in a few puffs when you are away from home. And, with several great cases for you to chose from, you are going to be able to bring your e cigs with you anywhere, and are going to be able to enjoy the great flavors that you love, no matter where you take the case with you.