Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Review


Vapor4Life is one of the most intuitive and most advanced e cig manufacturers on the market; in this Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus review, you will find out about the Zeus kit, and what you are going to receive when you are new to the e cig manufacturer line.

With Zeus, you can choose from both the manual as well as the auto battery option; either way, you can experience hours of smoking, and vaping, without having to recharge once the battery is fully charged. With the manual, it is simply going to require you to flip a switch in order to use; with the auto battery, it will ignite when you take the first puff.

With the Zeus kit, you are going to receive:
– Dual mode cigar medium.
– USB charger.
– Smileomizer, and a USB small charging cable.
– And the e liquid so you can enjoy the vaping experience.
Depending on whether you order the auto or manual battery, the dual mode charger is going to vary to fit the select battery that you order.

With the 30 ml e liquid, you are going to be able to refill the cartridge approximately 3 to 5 times, depending on the strength, and the flavor that you want to enjoy. With about 25 drops, you can refill the cartridge for a full flavor. Although Vapor4life primary focuses on flavored e-liquids, there are other e-liquid manufacturers such as Black Note or Mt Baker that focus more on tobacco e-liquid flavors. You can read this Black Note e-liquid review to find out about how Black Note goes through a natural extraction process that makes their e-juice naturally and authentically taste like tobacco.

The battery is also available in more than one color; you can select: black, magenta, green, blue, or cigar color. This not only allows you to customize the smoking experience, but also allows you to enjoy this new technology vaping device, in a personal manner. 600, 900, and 1300 mAH battery types are also available, based on the kit that you choose. This will provide anywhere from 4, up to 20 hours of vaping, depending on whether the battery is fully charged, and depending on the actual battery that comes with your order.

Although the kit comes with the traditional tobacco, for future orders, you are going to be able to order a different e liquid flavor of choice. With options like menthol, vanilla, tobacco, chocolate, and coffee, you can find a flavor blend that you are bound to love. No matter what you like, or which combinations you would like to try, this Zeus e cig is going to be compatible with the flavors that you want to experience, or the flavors that you would like to combine for future use.

Although this is pricier than most entry level kits, at just under $100, you can enjoy this great product that is available from Vapor4Life. Not only will you be able to get the full extent of the vaping experience, you are also going to have the latest design in the e cig world. With the medium sized battery, as well as the power cig, you are going to be able to smoke anywhere, and you can expect the battery to last for several hours at a time, once it is fully charged, and once the e liquids are in.